Do you have trust in your hiring

Do you have trust in your hiring

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What role does Trust play?

Trust has relevance in personal interactions. But, this is a business discussion. As a business leader or hiring manager what does trust have to do with hiring great talent and growing your business? …EVERYTHING !

If your vocabulary frequently includes the word “negotiate”, it suggests that trust may play a minor role in what you do. Your best effort is for you to get the most from the negotiation and for your opposition to walk away with the least. Your energy is spent asking your opposition for more and more concessions because you don’t trust them when they tell you “that’s the best I can do”.

When I think about negotiating, I think about expending a lot of energy just to get to a place where there is an agreement. Negotiating has a winner and a loser. All of the effort made for negotiating could be similar to declaring an arm-wrestling champion. If life was simply an arm-wrestling competition, then champion negotiators would be sitting on the highest mountain.

Do you have trust in your hiring process? Negotiating will always have its place. But TRUST and NEGOTIATION really don’t go together. When there is a need for a lot of negotiating, it is usually because very little trust has been established.

What does Collaboration have to do with Trust?

“Collaboration” says to me that my opposition will no longer be viewed as an opponent, but instead as a co-worker, colleague, partner, etc. Collaboration says that my colleague and I will define and discuss what challenge or problem needs to be resolved, develop a description, agree to a fee (if applicable) and agree to collectively define the parameters for the resolution.

Because we are both investing efforts in reaching a solution, we will both be committed to getting the problem solved. Good collaboration leads to a strong commitment to succeed and that usually leads to a successful outcome.

Trust becomes the most fundamental component in the process of successful collaboration.   

Worth noting, instead of just arm-wrestling or negotiating over reaching the agreement, the collaboration goes far beyond the “agreement”. The collaboration is already starting to get the problem solved by simply talking through it.

How does this relate to hiring critical talent?

Hard negotiating has become a broken record in poor hiring practices. Following the interview phase, an offer is made to the candidate and an arm-wrestling negotiation begins with a perceived winner and loser.

At his point, everyone is a loser. If the highly qualified and talented candidate is upset by interpreting the negotiation as being too aggressive, the talent walks away which is a lose-lose scenario. If the talent fights through the negotiation phase and is hired, they will arrive on day one limping and bruised physiologically. This makes an ineffective new hire, which compounds lose-lose scenario.

On the other hand, for the company who can develop trust with highly qualified candidates as well as implement a collaborative process which defines the talent’s first 6 months top priorities…..This company will be hiring an enthusiastic, focused producer who will be ready to deliver value on their first day.


Trust plays a critical role, especially in hiring as it fosters collaboration. Collaboration in turn fosters commitment. A committed, newly hired talent is a great hire.

Good hunting.