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Are you looking for your next challenging role? Find out more from Bert Sadtler as he explains The Hiring Institute process from the candidate’s perspective and the value of this process for getting hired for the ‘right role’.

Outline of Candidate Steps of the Process

Read through the detailed position description

Determine if you meet the listed requirements

Apply to the position (Apply Here)

Receive contact from the Hiring Manager

Schedule initial meeting

  • Discuss the role, ask questions
  • Review the Candidate Self-Assessment Form with Hiring Manager
  • Following the initial meeting, complete the self-assessment form and send to Hiring Manager

Schedule Phase 2 of meetings

   Part 1

  • Candidate may have meetings with one or more members of the “hiring jury”
  • Candidate’s task is to best understand the role and ask questions
  • At the conclusion of the meetings, the candidate will draft their “Draft Plan of Action”

Part 2

  • Once the candidate has drafted their Plan of Action, they will be scheduled to review/discuss it with the hiring manager

Phase 3

  • Candidate and hiring manager review the draft plan
  • This is a collaborative event. Similar to what it would be like to work with the hiring manager
  • The goal is to deliver a PLAN OF ACTION that has the commitment of the candidate and the hiring manager

Final Phase

  • Assuming there are no open issues at this point, the hiring manager to submit an offer to the candidate and complete the administrative functions of thefinal phase.