A Proven Process

If you believe that today’s hiring is not working well and is mostly broken, leaving you wanting a different approach that is proven to get a better outcome, then please keep reading. This is for you!

Many attempts to hire talent lack preparation and a proven process. Their ‘hiring execution’ is absent or lacking.

What makes our approach different?

  • Most of the well-known Job Boards may be able to reach a large number of potential candidates with matching job requirements to resumes, but those job boards lack the insight and instructions to implement or execute the hiring process itself. Without a proven process, how can anyone expect to have a successful outcome?
  • Many hiring attempts follow an outdated interview approach with traditional interview questions. These questions can be found on the internet along with the suggested responses that candidates should use. This type of outdated approach fails to deliver original and insightful details about the candidate.
  • Many hiring attempts are nothing more than a ‘buying transaction’ viewing the candidate as human capital. Instead, the candidate should be viewed as critical talent who can deliver significant value and solutions to challenges facing them.
  • These broken models fail to focus on forming a connection with the candidate and therefore do not serve the employer or the candidate.
  • Our approach recognizes that the most complex aspect of business today is the person who works at your company or the person you want to attract to your company.
  • Our approach requires the employer to really think through what they need in the form of critical talent.
  • From there, the steps of our proven, interactive process move qualified candidates toward a conclusion where the ‘right one’ will have completed a plan of action for their first 6 months.
  • Finally, The Plan of Action assures that the newly hired talent will be productive, focused, and successful starting on day one.

By implementing our process, the Hiring Institute provides an efficient, effective, and enjoyable experience to jobseekers and employers. We know that a resume is important, but it is also just a piece of paper.  The Hiring Institute walks the hiring manager through the Hiring Execution in defining their needs and then guiding them through the straightforward process to hire the right fit in expertise, skill, and personality.